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Normal CSF Circulation and Hydrocephalus in Children Homepage

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024



Andrew Jea, M.D.

Abhaya V. Kulkarni, M.D.

Kemel Ahmed Ghotme, M.D.

James M. Drake, M.D.

Rick Abbott, M.D.


Shlomi Constantini, M.D.

Editor in Chief

Rick Abbott, M.D.


Hydrocephalus is one of the commonest conditions seen in pediatric neurosurgery. A thorough understanding of CSF physiology, surgical options, and complication management is essential for the proper treatment of children with this condition.

Key Points

  • Multiple etiologies: There are several different causes of childhood hydrocephalus.
  • Treatment individualized: Initial treatment should be individualized on the basis of the child’s clinical presentation, hydrocephalus etiology, and imaging characteristics.
  • Consider endoscopic treatment: Careful consideration should be given to endoscopic treatment versus shunt insertion.
  • No treatment curative: After initial treatment, children remain at life-long risk of complications.