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Infection After a Neurosurgical Procedure Causing Brain Abscesses in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

  • Shunt infections: Shunt infection is a known risk for brain abscesses. Although a rare phenomenon, there have been reports of brain abscesses in children that result from colonic perforation and ascending shunt infection (27, 49, 59, 77, 121). Below is an image from a child in whom a brain abscess resulted from an untreated shunt infection with no associated bowel perforation (46).


CT Scan with contrast of abscess: This scan of a 20-month-old child shows a bilobulated brain abscess with an associated shunt ventricular catheter (Courtesy of Y. Ersahin, M.D.)


  • Halo rings and Crutchfield tongs: There are reports of brain abscess formation as a complication of halo application and the application of Crutchfield tongs in the management of spine injury (79, 100).