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Medtronic PS Medical Adjustable Strata Valves

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

The Medtronic Strata® valve is an adjustable ball and spring valve. The tension of the valve’s spring can be altered utilizing a magnetic rotor mechanism integral to the valve. This adjustment is made non-invasively utilizing the hand-held StrataVarus adjustment tool to alter the magnetic rotor’s position and thus tension of the valve’s spring. The Strata NSC contains the adjustable pressure differential ball and spring valve while the Strata II also contains a Delta siphon control device.

Valve Designs

Strata® NSC Valve, Regular:

Strata® NSC Valve, Small:

Strata® II Valve, Regular:

Strata® II Valve, Small:

Radiographic Images

Regular Valve

Regular Valve

Small Valve

Small Valve

Valve Opening Pressures

Strata Valve Setting:


Strata NSC Valve


Strata II Valve


Valve Dimensions


Shunt Configurations

Medtronic Strata® valve is a Registered Trademark of Medtronic PS Medical, Inc.