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Supratentorial Central Neurocytomas in Children Homepage

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024


Sandip Chatterjee, M.D.

Section Editor

Kristian Aquilina, M.D.

Editor in Chief

Rick Abbott, M.D.


Central neurocytomas, classified as “mixed neuronal and glial” tumors, present in children and young adults as well-circumscribed intraventricular masses that are often amenable to total surgical removal.

Key Points

  • Benign: These tumors are essentially benign, but there is an “atypical” variant that is more aggressive in behavior.
  • Intraventricular: Generally, these tumors are intraventricular in location, occurring mostly in the frontal horn. Rarely, they may be “extraventricular.”
  • Gross total resection preferred: Given their intraventricular location, total surgical resection is usually possible and is the treatment of choice.
  • Radiation for unresectable tumor and atypical variant: For residual tumor and “atypical” cases, adjuvant therapy is indicated in the form of radiotherapy.  Both conventional and stereotactic radiotherapy have been used with equal success.