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Outcome of Therapies for Supratentorial Choroid Plexus Tumors in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

Outcome After Surgery

  • Choroid plexus papilloma – excellent: A survival rate of 80–85% at 10 years is reported for choroid plexus papillomas (23, 59). Choroid plexus papillomas can be cured by surgery (83).
  • Choroid plexus carcinoma – poor: A survival rate of 40% is seen at 5 years with choroid plexus carcinomas. Complete resection remains an important component, since with incomplete resection the survival rate drops to less than 30% at 2 years (8, 21, 23-25).

Outcome After Multimodal Therapies

  • Choroid plexus carcinoma: The outcome for patients with choroid plexus carcinomas is poor, with a survival rate at 10 years ranging from 6–50% (8, 23-25). Surgery with complete resection remains the main predictive factor.