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Follow-up for Meningitis and Ventriculitis in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

Frequency of Office Visits

  • Follow closely: All patients treated for meningitis should be followed closely, with rehabilitation as required. The first follow-up visit should be within several weeks of discharge, with decreasing frequency of visits as patients are clinically stable.

Frequency of Imaging

  • First imaging within several months after discharge: Follow-up brain MRI scan with and without contrast should be performed 1–3 months after discharge.
  • Subsequent imaging on the basis of initial findings: Follow-up scans should be performed as required on the basis of the initial scan results and the patient’s clinical course.

Other Investigations Required

  • Neuropsychological testing: These tests may be beneficial in assessing cognitive effects in patients recovering from severe infections. Even in more indolent infections, subtle neurocognitive changes may be followed once the post-illness baseline is established. In school-age children, school performance provides a measure of progress as well.
  • Hearing: Hearing tests, particularly in infants, are important to follow after meningitis.
  • EEG: EEG testing is useful for follow-up of the treatment of seizures that occurred during the meningitis illness and for determining when to discontinue anticonvulsant therapy after recovery.