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Recommended Readings for Slit Ventricle Syndrome in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

  • Engel M, Carmel PW, Chutorian AM: Increased intraventricular pressure without ventriculomegaly in children with shunts: “normal volume” hydrocephalus. Neurosurg 5:549-552, 1979 (for historical perspective)
  • Rekate HL, Nadkarni TD, Wallace D: The importance of the cortical subarachnoid space in understanding hydrocephalus.  J Neurosurg Pediatr 2:1-11, 2008 (for theories on pathophsiology)
  • Baskin JJ, Manwaring KH, Rekate HL: Ventricular shunt removal: the ultimate treatment of the slit ventricle syndrome.  J Neurosurg 88:478-484, 1998 (on management with ETV with goal of replacing the shunt)