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Zülch Classification of Brain Tumors

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

The application of the Zülch classification system to childhood brain tumors was criticized because it did not differentiate the cellular polymorphism common in childhood tumors from that occurring in adult CNS tumors. Furthermore, it did not specify location as a prognostic criterion, and it considered a tumor as benign or malignant instead of using the term anaplasia. Lastly, it used the term “poorly differentiated” for certain tumor types that neuropathologists felt should have been called “primitive” because of their histogenesis.

Categories Subcategories
Neuroepithelial tumors  
Mesodermal tumors  
Ectodermal tumors  
Congenital and embryonic tumors  
Vascular malformations and blood vessel tumors  
Other space-occupying processes  

Adapted from Zülch (28)