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Outcome of Therapies for Supratentorial Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytomas in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

Outcome After Surgery

  • 70–80% overall survival rate with total resection for classical PXA: Gross total removal is the best chance for cure.
  • 72% 5-year PFS: The progression-free survival rate is 72% at 5 years and 61% at 10 years (13). The 10-year overall survival rate for PXA is approximately 70% (13). The outcome is less favorable in cases of PXA with anaplastic features.
  • Recurrence more common: Overall, PXAs recur more commonly than do other low-grade gliomas (15-20%) (30, 31).
  • Dedifferentiation reported: Secondary malignant transformation exists (32, 33, 34).

Outcome After Nonsurgical Treatments

  • Unclear: The rarity of this tumor has not permitted the establishment of a standardized protocol for the use of adjuvant therapies. The roles of radiotherapy and chemotherapy have to be further investigated in anaplastic and recurrent PXAs.

Outcome After Multimodality Therapies

  • No information: The inexperience with adjuvant therapies for PXAs means that there is no meaningful information about outcome after multimodality therapies.