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Follow-up for Supratentorial Central Neurocytomas in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

Frequency of Office Visits

  • Yearly follow-ups: It has always been the belief that subtotal excision is associated with shorter local control and shorter survival rates (39, 40). However a study reports that the 10-year overall survival rate is independent of extent of resection, implying that a gross total resection is not always curative (32). In this review, the authors analyzed retrospectively their 35-year experience in treating these tumors. Hence, routine clinical follow-up with serial imaging, preferably at 1-year intervals, must be carried out even if total resection has been performed.

Frequency of Imaging

  • Yearly: Imaging should be done every 6 months initially, and then yearly for classical neurocytomas. Imaging frequency for atypical tumors is dictated by recurrent/residual tumor.