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Complications of Therapy for Supratentorial Low-Grade Gliomas in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024


  • CSF leakage: Fistulas of CSF can occur after surgery. They can be treated by reopening the cranial wound to close the fistula and then reclosing the wound. Alternatively, the leaks can be managed with a lumbar drain to lower the ICP.
  • Hemorrhage in the operative bed: An intracranial hematoma sometimes necessitates reopening the wound for its removal. In other cases a wait-and-see approach can be used when the patient is asymptomatic.
  • Wound infections: These are treated with organism- specific antibiotics.
  • Other complications: After LGG surgery, complications similar to those of any other type of intracranial surgery may occur. These include edema, epileptic crises, thrombophlebitis, respiratory infection, and others. These problems are usually solved by a competent intensive care unit and an on-call neurosurgical team.