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Recovery From Surgery for Supratentorial Ependymomas in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

Postoperative Orders 

  • ICU: Patients should be observed in the ICU for at least 24 hours postoperatively.
  • Standard orders: Routine post-craniotomy orders are issued on children after surgery for supratentorial ependymomas.
  • CSF drainage: Special orders for parameters/drainage bag setup are usually not necessary, unless hydrocephalus present.
  • Radiologic studies: MRI of the brain should be obtained within the first 48 hours to assess amount of residual tumor.
  • Physical therapy and orthotics need variable: Need depends on neurologic deficits.

Postoperative Morbidity

  • Dependent on location of tumor: The morbidity associated with removal of supratentorial ependymomas is a function of the location of the tumor and the tissue that must be transgressed to reach it for resection.