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Recovery From Surgery for Brain Abscesses in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024

Postoperative Orders 

  • Hand washing for visitors: Be sure that all caregivers and visitors wash their hands thoroughly before and after visiting.
  • Leave sutures/staples longer: Keep sutures or staples in for longer than usual; beware of wound leaks or infections.

Laboratory studies

  • CBC, ESR, and CRP: Progress in the treatment and eradication of the infection can be monitored with blood tests that will show an improving leukocytosis in addition to progressive normalization of the CRP and ESR values. An improvement in the CRP will occur prior to the ESR, which can be slow to respond to the treatment.

Radiology studies

  • CT or MRI: One of these imaging procedures should be performed within 24 hours of the initial evacuation to establish a baseline by which to measure subsequent treatment effect.
  • Ultrasound for young: A bedside cranial ultrasound may be helpful in infants as a replacement to frequent scanning for which sedation may be required.


  • Pediatricians
  • Infectious disease specialists
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Postoperative Morbidity

  • No unique morbidities