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Complications of Therapy for Central Neurocytomas in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024


  • Hemorrhage: The main complication is related to hemorrhage. The issue of venous drainage merits special consideration. Although unilateral septal or thalamostriate veins may be taken without any major problem, the internal cerebral veins may never be sacrificed, because of the risk of venous hypertension and infarction of the basal ganglia and internal capsule (40).
  • Memory and the limbic system: In accessing the third ventricle through the intraventricular foramen, either in open or endoscopic surgery, injury to the fornices may lead to severe short-term memory loss. Injury to other limbic structures may lead to behavioral abnormalities.
  • CSF seeding: The major problem of surgical resection of these tumors is related to incomplete resections, resulting in recurrences. CSF seeding and disseminated neurocytomas have been documented both preoperatively (41) and after surgery (42).


  • Standard: Complications include those usually related to use of chemotherapy.


  • Standard: The usual complications include cognitive impairments, affection of non-verbal skills, as well as delayed effects such as headaches, seizures, and hypopituitarism.