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Complications of Therapies for Supratentorial Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytomas in Children

This page was last updated on April 8th, 2024


  • Brain collapse: Collapse of adjacent brain into the cavity in cases of large tumors can lead to subdural effusions, hematomas, or intraparenchymal hemorrhage.
  • Seizures: Seizures are one of the presenting symptoms but can also occur after the corticectomy. Treatment with anticonvulsants usually awaits their occurrence, and prophylaxis is generally not needed for children who did not present with seizures.
  • Visual deficits: Quadrantanopia or hemianopia may result from interruption of the visual tracts.
  • Memory deficits: This complication may arise with temporal tumors in the parahippocampal region.

Medical or Chemotherapy

  • Complications expected for chemotherapy: The usual complications of chemotherapy may occur, such as neutropenia, infection, and the like.


  • Age-limited use: Because of the risk of radiation in children younger than 3–4 years, younger patients receive chemotherapy first and then might undergo radiation therapy after they reach the age of 3–4 years.